Upon creation of a Twitter account, Twitter can seem a bit lonely. You can tweet, but no one will probably see it. Your trending hashtags will be buried among other trending hashtags, and you’re left to figure out how can you get noticed in the high competitive world of Twitter.

Well, there are some methods to gain traction and get followers. They range from sheer luck to robots to diligence.

Here are some of the proven ways to obtain Twitter followers.

1. Twitter works in Reciprocation

This is the time-old strategy that is centered around the core of Twitter etiquette. There’s an understood principle that if someone follows you, then it’s etiquette to follow that person back. It definitely doesn’t happen every time, but it’s like everything else in that it’ll happen in a 80/20 environment.

If you want followers, seek out people who would be interested in your twitter presence and click that blue follow button.  You’ll definitely get followers.

The same thing will work with retweets. If you retweet someone, they’re more likely to retweet you. Not until you are a Twitter veteran or a celebrity will you be able to get followers and retweets for doing nothing in exchange.

2. The Value of the Tweet

If you want followers, you’ll need to put effort into your tweets. It’ll much harder for you to obtain Twitter followers if your tweets provide little value to other Twitter followers. Valued tweets are tweets that provide insight, knowledge, interest, humor, advice, perspective, etc. If your tweets are sub-par, you’ll find yourself with little-to-no interaction from other Twitter users, and so you’ll be missing out on key exposure on Twitter.

3. Persistance of Twitter

The hard thing about Twitter isn’t the tweets in themselves, but it’s the amount of tweets you’ll need to have to create exposure. A study concluded that Twitter users responded best to 18-21 Tweets from an account per day, and if you’re crunching the math that’s not less-than one per hour. It’s in fact many per hour because you have to tweet at peak hours, which are 6-11 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. EST. Top Twitter accounts tweet 2-4 times per hour during peak hours. That’s a lot of tweets and planning.

There are two ways this can be done. Firstly, you can use a tool like Hootsuite and schedule a weeks worth of tweets in an afternoon. Secondly, you can interact and ask questions in bursts. Both are effective if done well, but either way you have to do it frequently.

4. Be Personable

People are interested in people; people aren’t interested in accounts. You have to be a real person behind a Twitter account.