Are you familiar with TweetDeck? If not, maybe it’s something that you should look into – especially if you are faced with the task of managing multiple twitter accounts.  We have previously discussed all there is to love about HootSuite (check that out here!), but we wouldn’t be giving you all of the information you truly need if we didn’t take the time to also focus on TweetDeck.

As much as I, personally, love HootSuite…TweetDeck is just as robust in features, and sometimes can offer an extreme user much more in terms of productivity. With the ability to create columns that display nearly anything that you wish for them to, TweetDeck has a lot to offer any user.

Say, for example, that you want to see whenever someone mentions your company’s business in a tweet.  Online, you would have to go to the Twitter website itself and search for whatever it was your were looking for.  With TweetDeck, however, you can create a column that simply draws in all of those mentions for you and places them into an organized and easy to read column of it’s own.  It’s that simple! Well, there’s some simple steps to set everything, but really – it’s extremely simple!

So what else does TweetDeck have to offer it’s users?

  • You are able to schedule your tweet and you can even set a specific time for them to go out
  • You are able to manage and schedule posts from multiple twitter accounts (Side note: previously, users were able to use this feature on Facebook as well, but unfortunately that feature is no longer available)
  • It is actually owned by Twitter!
  • Duh, it’s free! (& who doesn’t love free?)

Of course, there are some drawbacks to the client, such as it’s darkly colored interface (this can be changed, so it’s not a huge problem), but overall it’s just an easy to use, great social media management device.  I really think that since Twitter acquired TweetDeck, there will be lots of great improvements, but of course we will just have to wait it out and see (but I’m hopeful!).

While HootSuite is my personal go-to, there is a lot of really awesome and incredibly tempting features that TweetDeck has and that HootSuite is lacking.  Of course, a big one here is the fact that TweetDeck continues to be offered for free, while many of the features on HootSuite are only offered with the purchase of an upgraded, pro account.

So what the heck – click around. try it out.

You really may be surprise by how much you like it.


When it comes to TweetDeck versus HootSuite, do you have a preference? Leave your feedback in the comments section!