You spent a lot of time and effort on writing that new post for your blog. The only left to do is slap a title on it and hit the post (or schedule) button and you’re on your way.

But it’s not that simple.

What you decide to title that post of yours may be more important that you think.  Sure, it gives the post personality and a means for differentiation from the other posts on your blog (or on the internet as a whole,) but you shouldn’t just title it the first witty thing that pops into your head.

Say you’re faced with two blog posts about basically the same thing. The first one is entitled,

The Pros And Cons of Writing Every Day

and the second one is entitled,

Dear Diary, Today I Write To You Again

On the surface, neither of these titles are necessarily repulsive or terrible. The first one tells you exactly what content the reader can expect to find within the post and the second one is a witty way of leading into whatever it is that may be discussed within the article. However, the first title is a significantly better title if you are looking for high quality traffic and readership. Honestly, you’d read article one over the second, I’m sure. Here’s why:

1.  A strong blog post title can make the difference between a long lasting article and an article that quickly fades away

If you make your title compelling, it makes sense that more readers would be drawn to it and want to click it and read what you have to say.  If it’s compelling enough, people will continue to be drawn to that article and read it rather than reading it simply because it is the most recent article to be post on your blog.  Your aim should be to be creating long-lasting content rather than content that is quickly skimmed by your readers. Do you want a title that grabs the attention of readers and makes them want to read your blog, or do you want a title that simply does it’s job of titling something but does not actually have any reach in terms of readership? I think we both know the answer.

2. A strong blog post title will create excitement for your readers

If you’re not drawing in readers and making them excited to read your content, then what purpose does your blog really have? I know, I know – I complete agree that writing, even if not for an audience, is important. However, putting forth effort only to write lousy titles and thus waste time trying to gain readers that you can’t keep – that’s not something I can say I’m a fan of.  Create a reader magnet out of it. Rather than creating a title that you’re just okay with, try to create a title that, if you saw it on twitter or facebook or any social media outlet, you would be drawn to and want to immediately read. THAT is what a strong blog post title should be doing for your readers.

3. A strong blog post title will tell your readers EXACTLY what they are getting into (and why they want to get into it!)

Looking back at our two sample titles, one of the primary reasons why we are so drawn to title number one is because it tells us what we can expect from the article.  Number two is very ambiguous and doesn’t give us any solid hints as to what is to come.  Although it may not be a conscious decision, we almost immediately write off article number two as “not worth our time” because we don’t really know what kind of investment it requires.  Giving your reader something to take hold of within your title is the first crucial step toward drawing them into, first, reading that article, and second, reading other things that you might have to offer on your blog.  Obviously, if you look at it in that way, you should be putting just as much effort into your title as you are your content!


With all of these things in mind, your blog post title isn’t something that you should be shrugging off or viewing as unimportant.  If you have a title that is compelling, exciting, and draws your reader in, then you are definitely on the right track.

If you can do all of these things and fit in some of your keywords in your title – you’ll be hitting the equivalent of a blogging home run!

How do you handle blog post titles? Do you have any tricks or methods that you use on your own blog?