Let me ask you a question – What happened to the days where watches were worn so that we could easily and conveniently know what time it was while we were on the go?

Believe it or not, those days simply weren’t that long ago.

However, our technology is changing faster than we can really keep up with it. That phone, tablet, or computer you’re reading this on – likely outdated. These days, our devices have an expiration date that will come before the expiration date of that milk in our fridge.

A couple days ago, Motorola (on the coat-tails of being sold to Lenovo back in January) announced that they will be debuting a new smart watch of their own. Add this to Samsung, Pebble, and seemingly everyone else’s smart watch and there seems to be quite a market growing there. Oh yeah, LG also recently announced that they will be debuting a smart watch but have chosen to not yet release any details regarding the new product…you know what they say – gotta get your head in the game before it’s too late, right?

In the background, most people would say that being on the phone constantly is rude. I mean, come on, you’re missing out on LIFE! But, the fact is, we are almost always on our phone. So what do we need a watch for? Our phones are already in our hands…and now, also on our wrists.

What do they solve? From nearly every perspective, they solve nothing. They’re a trend. Even Apple seems to be hurrying up to get one out (although, of course, not yet confirmed) before the trend dies out.  At the very core of the trend is the fact that they simply, at least at the moment, sell.

Will I get one? Admittedly, I’m really not sold on the idea. I don’t see a point – if I want to see whether or not I’ve missed a message or call, I’ll pick up my phone. Simple.

But oh yeah, will I actually get one? Probably. I’m really not one to miss out on good hype.