It certainly seems like everyone is using Twitter these days. In fact, not only is Twitter taking off in the social media market, more than 27% of existing users actually have more than one active account. What this statistic should tell you is that there are many varying ways in which people are using twitter.

Why do some people have multiple accounts? There are many reasons for this (especially for those social media managers out there), but for your average person it’s not uncommon to have a personal and professional account. Take my own situation, for example.  I have had a personal account for 5 or 6 years now. Very, very rarely do I actually tweet on it (with the exception of asking someone a question, etc), but I use it to read news and keep up with what my friends are tweeting about. However, I also have a “branded” account.  Since I write for several different websites, it was important to me to have an account where I could interact with my readers and others in the industry.

However you choose to use your twitter account(s), it’s common to want more followers, more retweets, more favorites, etc.  That’s why I am here to help. I have put together a short list that I hope will help you reach all of your Twitter related goals and propel you into being a super star twitter user in no time.

1. Have a strategy and set goals

Even if your strategy is as simple as “get more retweets” or “gain more followers,” having goals in mind will help you determine your next steps. Knowing what you value is important – some people will want more followers and thus, a farther reach each time they send out a tweet. Others, however, will desire more retweets which can get their content to many people quickly, but this may not be the result every time.

2. Be a part of the community

When using Twitter, it’s easy to function within your own sort of bubble.  For the casual user, it’s common to tweet about daily activities or what you are having to eat. For the super star user, on the other hand, it’s absolutely crucial that you do things to encourage a sense of community. This can be anywhere from sharing others’ content that you enjoyed, retweeting someone to expand their reach, or simply engaging in conversation with some of your followers.

3. Be different from others in your field

Are others like you all doing the same thing – sharing content, thanking others for following, etc? If so, setting yourself apart from those people is really the best thing you can do. Actively engage with new followers not by simply thanking them for following, but by reaching out to them about their own interests. Bonus points if you check out their website and discuss it with them.  Making your followers feel like you truly care about them will bring you more attention from others and ultimately bring you the highest rewards.

How do you separate yourself as a super star Twitter user?