When you post new content on your site or blog how often do you promote your update on platforms such as twitter? Do you tweet it once and hope for the best? Retweet a time or two or five?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of science behind whether over-promoting can help or hurt your brand. 

Lots of bloggers have covered this topic in the past based on their own research and data, but for some reason there’s still a big debate about how much is simply too much when it comes to promoting. Everyone wants their content to be seen & reach as many different people as possible, but at what point do you cross the line into too much exposure?  Blogging expert ProBlogger ran a survey on his own blog a while back that polled his own readers about how many times they retweeted their own content. When I did my own research, this poll came up several times and I could find several instances where other bloggers disagreed with the poll’s findings; I, however, think that there is a lot to be learned from the results.

The poll results were this:

26% of readers never tweeted a link to their new content

34% of readers tweet a link to the new content only one time

40% of readers tweeted a link to the new content two or more times

Whether or not you agree with these results, like I said before I think we should take them into account before we over-promote our content and drive people into a twitter induced state of insanity. It is also important to keep in mind that many of the bloggers who disagreed with the poll’s results are individuals who devote large portions of their time to promoting their content – if you have the time & energy for that, then you are more than welcome to follow any tactic you choose, but here is some insight on how I feel about matters of tweeting and retweeting in order to promote content.

Difference In Time

Sometimes a difference in time zones makes it so that you post when a number of people are still sleeping and so they are less likely to view your tweet/post/etc. If you have a broad, international audience then you might need to keep in mind that whenever you post something, half of the world is still asleep. This may come as a good reason for why you will want to schedule another promotion tweet during a time when others will be awake to see it.

Other People Have Other Schedules

Maybe your audience isn’t asleep when you post, but they may be busy with other things in their lives. I’m sure you don’t read every tweet from those that you follow so you can’t really blame others when they miss your posts on occasion. A simple reposting of your content may give them another opportunity to see the post as well as open it up to others who may have wanted a reminder to check it out.

Your Followers Don’t Actually Read Tweets

This is actually the case for a good many twitter accounts – you know, those who follow thousands of people but never retweet. Changes are, those people only tweet their own content and don’t take time to read others’ or check out the content that is being posted about. This may be a good reason for why you shouldn’t over promote your posts. If those people who you are targeting are unreachable, then you are taking a chance of annoying those who are taking the time to read the tweets of those they follow.

The “1-Hour” Theory

There’s a lot of people out there who think that a tweet is basically forgotten about 1-hour after it is posted. While this may not always be the case for all tweets, it is mostly true that about 90% of retweets or correspondence on the tweet will take place within that first hour of posting. If you are only posting once, then that’s a mere one hour a day that your content is getting exposure through that means of promotion. Posting even one more time can double your exposure time for that day, so it may be worth your time.


So what’s my real opinion?

My advice would be to post your content at least twice at separate times of the day. For example, if you post in the morning, try doing a promotional tweet in the morning & then again in the afternoon. Posting too much will get on others’ nerves possibly leading them to unfollow you or ignore your future posts, while posting too little may cause you to be repeatedly passed over. At the end of the day, the name of the game is exposure and content marketing, so make sure you’re providing strong content. Providing consistently great content should promote itself – before long, others will be sharing your content on their own social media accounts & you will be able to reach more people than you ever could have done via a single tweet.