You set up your site. You think it looks awesome. You’re gonna have so many readers!

But for some unknown reason, although you are getting decent traffic, no one seems to be returning to your site.

Are you doing something wrong?

Is your content that bad?

There are many things that could be going on – check to make sure that you’re not doing any of these website sins that could be driving away all of your traffic:

1. Music or videos that play automatically

That song is great, but maybe it should stay in your iTunes rather than on your website. And, of course, your readers would LOVE this video. But what your readers DON’T love is when that video plays for them automatically. Let them decide when to make it play – trust me, they will.

2. Outdated content

If you aren’t giving your audience new and exciting content to read or see, then why do they have any reason to return to your site. If they see that you haven’t updated in a while, they might as well assume that you will never update again. Updating consistently acts as an invitation for your audience to check in over and over to see if there’s any thing new going on.

3. No avenue for sharing

How do you build an audience? Through sharing, mostly. But if you don’t give your readers an easy and painless way to share your content, you’ll never have that outlet for growth. Even if a reader doesn’t share this time, knowing that they have the option may be enough for them to come back for another visit in the future.

4. Distorted images

Although a distorted image isn’t really going to affect what content you bring to your audience (unless you’re a photographer, of course), but it will certainly affect their experience while on your site. Make sure that everything is always crisp, clear, and appealing for your readers.

5. Too much going on

There’s a lot of psychology behind this one, but if you don’t make it clear where your readers should be looking, they will become quickly confused, uninterested, and are not very likely to return to your website. Don’t make things too busy or you may push them away before your page even finishes loading.

6. Pop Ups!

This is pretty self explanatory. Sure, you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, but I promise you – a pop up is not the best way to go about asking them to sign up. It’s annoying and will likely cause them to click away from your site. Ask yourself which is more important – getting more subscribers or having an audience at all?


What sort of things make you never return to a website again?