Welcome to yet another SEO article on the web, but let’s do something different in this SEO article. Let’s look at SEO in 2014. These are 5 tips for New SEO this isn’t your 2006 or 2009 SEO.

1. Forget your tricks

In 2014, the tricks you think you know about SEO like metadata, metatags, using keywords are gone… and well they’ve been gone a long time. You’re better off forgetting that ever happened.

I’m sure most of you are thinking, “What?!? Why1?!” Listen, the truth is Google doesn’t like to be tricked, which leads me into my next point.

2. Google is very smart

Did you know 2014 Google can detect what is bolded, what is italicized, whether you’re writing a list? Google knows a lot from its bots and other services. Some say if you bold phrases that are important early in the article, Google will rank you higher. Some will say Google prefers recommending listed articles. Whether that’s true or not, Google knows more than you would think.

3. SEO changes frequently

When we’re talking SEO, it’s important to note that Google will push out multiple updates to its search algorithm this year. At time of writing, we’re currently on Hummingbird, but when you read this who knows what we’ll be on. It’s just pivotal to you to realize the key concepts Google wants from its recommended websites because those don’t change. The updates are there to get rid of people advantage of the system.

4. Google’s Relevancy Challenge

What are Google’s everlasting goals that never change while SEO frequently does? Let’s look at Google from their eyes. People who search or “Google” things are their customers, and what Google wants to offer is relevant results to its users. The more relevant the result the more likely the user will return to query their next request. This is a goal Google has been after since day 1. At the end of the day, we use Google to get results. Google wants to give us the best results. As users, we don’t care what keywords are mentioned, we don’t care what exists in the metadata/metatags, we don’t care about bolded words or even lists. As users, we want GOOD CONTENT.

5. Good Content

If you want to be ranked higher on Google, this should be your goal. Most of the time, people seeking out SEO advice are bloggers wanting views or companies wanting sales. The truth is you both are after the same thing. Views & sales will both equate to money eventually. Think of writing for the web as being a top-notch salesperson.

The typical salesperson will ask for the sale. The great salesperson will enrich the customer and generate sale as a result. The difference is the typical salesperson is after the sale whereas the great salesperson is after the customer. In any SEO experiment you conduct, never forget you are writing for the reader, and that organic traffic will come as a result to the quality of the content.

Always write good content and traffic will find you.