If you have a blog, business, etc with a Facebook page, then chances are you have tried to figure out how to get more followers and engagement.

You’ve tried google. You’ve read countless blogs on the subject. You’ve watched video tutorials. Sure, everyone has a strategy – some that work, and some that don’t.

But there are a couple things that you should, first, keep in mind:

Just because you have a large number of followers does not mean that they will lead to traffic or generate leads of any sort.

Engagement is mostly good, but just as having a large number of followers does not equate to traffic, you must have quality engagement for it to really pay off.

Simply, the point of a Facebook page is to take those fans and turn them into readers or customers.  But how?

1. If you post, make sure to include an image

Did you know that updates that include an image receive around 91% more views? Needless to say, if you want to make sure you get noticed make sure that your post includes a great image.  We live in a day and age where photos are key – just look at instagram and snapchat, for example.  If you want to come across as someone worth paying attention to, give your audience something that they want to look at.

2. Include a call to action

You hear about including a call to action on your blog posts, but why shouldn’t you do the same on your Facebook page to increase engagement there as well? Seems like a no brainer. What if one of your fans felt like they had something to say or add, but didn’t know if you wanted feedback or not? You would be passing up on an easy chance to interact with a reader.

3. Show personality

If you share something that has obvious “spunk” or real personality to it, not only does that make you and/or your brand instantly more likable, but your fans are also much more likely to interact. It has been said that we, as people, have a difficult time resisting things that are entertaining or captivating to us – be sure to keep that in mind and definitely use it to your advantage as you plan your posts.

4. Consider using videos

Have you ever noticed on your own personal Facebook feed how many people share videos with their friends? Even if you didn’t personally create the video, consider posting videos that you feel your followers might enjoy and benefit from.  The hope here is that they will like it enough to share it with their friends and, thus, expand your reach to more people.  Even if you are not actively self-promoting, getting your face and name out there can result in a big boost on your end.

What sort of things do you do to increase engagement on YOUR Facebook Page?