There are many potential uses for an editorial calendar, but I personally feel that there are 3 definite things that you have to include. For my own experience, keeping an organized editorial notebook has completely changed the way I view my blogs.  Before, I would simply write down something really quickly and hope that others would take an interest to it. Although it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, this is not a recipe for success.

Although you should absolutely feel free to use an editorial calendar however works best for you, here are a few of my suggestions for how to use it:

1. Organize schedule of posts and goals

If you expect to run a successful website, it’s absolutely crucial that you learn to be organized about your content.  Whether you’re the kind of person who writes your content the night before (or even the morning of) or someone who write posts weeks in advance (or, of course, anywhere in between), it’s a good idea to keep track of everything that goes on for future reference.

Along with the scheduling of future content, it may be worth your effort to write down any goals that you have for your website.  Whether that is to write a certain amount every day or get your traffic numbers up, having goals gives you something tangible and visible to work toward.

2. Brainstorm ideas

Although it would be convenient, very rarely do ideas for content come when you most want or need them.  Instead, they tend to come while we are out running errands or at the park walking our dog.  In those times it’s much more difficult to rush to your computer and write out a post. However, keeping a small notebook in your bag may be just enough of a push for you to take a second to write down any of those ideas that you haves so that you can return to them once you have more time at your computer.

3. Keep records of transactions and other important information

Do you run ad campaigns for your website? Do you have other things that pertain to your site that you just don’t know where to jot down? Your editorial calendar can be the perfect place for these things.  It’s important that you keep good track of all important information – you never know when you might unexpectedly need that info.  Having a place that you consistently keep that sort of thing will save you lots and lots of headaches later on.


Do you keep an editorial calendar for your blog/website? What sort of things do you use it for?