SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a constantly changing area. For someone just getting started with blogging or with their own website, it can be extremely hard to keep up with. However, it’s not something that you’re going to want to pass up – if you’re going to put forth the effort, it’s important to get an audience too!

Optimizing your site is a way of making Google see that you are providing quality content. If you can prove that, Google (or other search engines) will then send more traffic in your direction. It’s as simple as that…sort of.

Here are a few beginner SEO tips to really get your started.

3 Beginner SEO Tips For Better Traffic

1. Consider your keywords

When you begin a website or a blog, it’s first of all important for you to pinpoint exactly what your site is going to be about. Having a focus allows for you to target more specific keywords and thus makes it easier for search engines to determine what sorts of people to send to your site. Having targeted keywords makes it clear that you are an expert in whatever your content is about. If you know your audience or what your audience will be searching for, it will be easier to determine what sorts of keywords will be most important for you.

2. Focus on strong content

Just as you want to be able to target particular keywords, you also want to make sure that you are providing strong, quality content. It’s not enough to just write out a lot of words, you have to make sure that they are truly valuable for any potential audience. If you aren’t providing content that your audience can really use, they will not only leave your page as quickly as they arrived but they will also not return. It’s not just about getting someone to land on your website, it’s about keeping them and making them want to return in the future as well.

3. Share your posts

Unfortunately, it takes a little while for search engines to index your site and send traffic your way. To help, it’s important that you share your posts across your social media profiles. By doing this, you are able to reach and immediate audience because they are a mere click away and you aren’t counting on them to search for the correct keywords. In addition, it helps you to optimize your content in that there are links existing on other sites that link back to your website. When search engines take note of this it will work to your advantage.


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