Before I began blogging, I used Google search, GMail, and Youtube with a few exceptions that’s about it. As a blogger, goodness gracious do I use a lot of them. Here are my top 10 services for bloggers:

1. Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a reactively new thing. You may have noticed photos showing up next to search results. That’s actually Google Authorship. Once you claim your blog(s), your photo will show up next to articles Google associates with you. It takes about 3-4 weeks in my experience for it to work, but it definitely helps with credibility of search results, and so I experienced a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) with it enabled. The other thing it does is it associates the content of the article with you, so if someone rips you off they won’t steal your Google traffic.

2. Google URL Shortner

This is a handy service that allows you to take any link and make it start with The trick is it’ll track CTR and where people click it from and when. I like putting it into any links on social media because I can see the CTR of my links to sites I don’t have analytics setup on.

3. Google Analytics

This is a no brainer for any blogger, and it’s probably something you’ve already setup for your blog. Still, if you’re new to blogging. Get this setup ASAP. I love Jetpack Stats on WordPress, but nothing is better than Google Analytics. I judge my stats through Jetpack, Google Analytics, and CloudFlare’s dashboard. I have a pretty accurate picture of how my websites are doing, which helps from an infrastructure point of view.

4. Google Adsense

Again, this is another no brainer. Do you like making money? If you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth it.

5. GMail

I’ve personally used most major web email services as my primary email service. I started off with AOL, drifted into Yahoo, went to Hotmail, setup a Gmail, then stayed with .Mac-MobileMe-iCloud for a long time. I’ve used Gmail as my primary email for about 8 years, and it just keeps getting better. I use Google Apps for Business, so I have my business email there as well.

6. Google Plus+ & Youtube

Google Plus+, I’ll admit wasn’t great initially, but it’s been getting better since its launch. Youtube is still top video service, and it’s a huge resource for learning and of course for entertainment. Many blogs start video blogging, and they’ve had success with it. You can setup AdSense with your Youtube account, and you’ll make a little extra money there too.

7. Google Image Search

Sometimes, we get an image that we’re not sure the source or where it came from. Google Image Search is a big help in the research part of blogging. We’re able to quickly figure out the origins of the photo and whether it has a copyright on it or even more importantly is it legitimate.

8. Google Chrome

I’ll be honest. I’m a recent convert to Chrome. I’ve fought going to Chrome  for a long time. I’ve used Safari since my first Mac, but recently Safari has been crashing and spinning on me, so I’ve switched to Chrome, and I like it a ton better. It’s quick and it works.

9. Google Drive

So as of right now, I have a Box account, a Dropbox account, and a few others. Why on Earth would I need a Google Drive account? Well, I would side with it helps with organization. I use each service for different reasons. I use my dropbox primarily for my work, so clients and I can share files. I use my Box account for my huge library of stock photos, and I use Google Drive for my blogging specific files like graphics and site specific files. It’s always good to have a backup of your site on one these services to take out any sort of critical error out of the equation.

10. Google Groups

Google Groups is cool because you can setup private discussions for select individuals, and what is cool about it is it’s not email, text messages, or social media. Meaning, you’re not by default alerted to your brains come out every time someone replies. You’re able to view and respond to the discussion as you see fit, and I repeat it’s private. I use it a lot for collaboration purposes.